Theatre can be so many different things. 

Ultimately, theatre strives to be something magical. Some do this with literal magic, others with song and dance, and some with contortion or clowns. 

At The Company Theatre, we strive to create theatre magic with nothing more than authentic text-based performances: Creating an experience that is truly live. 

We combine hard-hitting, contemporary texts from around the world with some of Canada’s best performers, using our unique working process to create memorable, magical theatre experiences.

What does that actually mean? Well, we choose stories that don’t shy away from the gritty, challenging elements of the human condition: picture an HBO drama, but live and onstage. Sound pretty epic? You’ll probably enjoy our productions.

The Company Theatre’s productions bring you the drama in real time, allowing both artists and audiences to live in the moment, discovering the story as it unfolds in front of them. You get to witness truly live theatre, told by some of the most accomplished and skilled actors in our country. Every performance, every night is its own authentic and entirely unique retelling of the story. There’s no repetitive choices or oppressive choreography: just humans making discoveries right before your eyes. 

We do not have our own venue. We rent or partner with other theatres.

We mostly produce in Toronto, but have taken select productions across the country.

We are not prolific, and only choose to produce when we believe that what we will present onstage will be something extraordinary.

If you have other questions about us, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, we’ll see you at our next show.