Get To Know The Cast of ‘Belleville’


Belleville rehearsals are under way! But there’s still a couple of weeks until performances begin. Why not pass the time by getting to know our cast better by watching some of their previous performances? Our talented and accomplished cast have many credits to choose from, so we’ve helped you narrow your choice down by suggesting our top picks for each cast member.

Allan Hawco:

Allan of course, became well known for playing Jake Doyle on his hit series Republic of Doyle. If you haven’t checked it out yet you really should. You can find all of the past seasons HERE. Our suggestion for Allan however, is a lesser-known work and Allan’s first major television role, the mini series Above and Beyond. Allan plays Nathan Burgess in this exciting true story about the Atlantic Ferry Operation during World War II. Above and Beyond also starred Liane Balaban, Jason Priestley and Mark Critch.

Christine Horne:

Dora Award winning actor Christine Horne has become known for her many powerful stage performances but her breakout role was on film as a lead in the film adaptation of the classic Canadian novel The Stone Angel. Christine plays the young Hagar Shipley (Ellen Burstyn plays the older version). Christine has gone on to star in many other film and television projects but her portrayal of this iconic Canadian character will forever be remembered. The film also starred Ellen Page, Kevin Zegers and Luke Kirby.

Dalmar Abuzeid:

At the tender age of 23 Dalmar will be making his stage debut with Belleville but he’s certainly not new to performing. Dalmar spent six seasons on the popular teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. He’s also made guest appearances on many other Canadian television shows but truthfully, after watching two beautiful adult dramas, Above and Beyond and The Stone Angel, you’ll be ready to indulge in some good old fashion teen angst: I suggest Season 9.

Marsha Regis:

Marsha is new to Toronto audiences, recently moving here from Vancouver. While there, she had a regular role on the television series DaVinci City Hall (Starring another favourite Company Theatre ensemble member, Nicholas Campbell). Unfortunately, that series is tough to get a hold of but you can catch Marsha making appearances in any of these popular American Films: The Watchmen, The Company You Keep or The Philadelphia Experiment.

If none of our choices suit your tastes, check out all of their credits on their individual ensemble member pages HERE.

See you at the theatre for Belleville!