Where Do You Perform?

As an independent theatre company, we do not have our own theatre in which to perform. This means that in order to produce our shows we must partner with other theatre companies that have their own spaces. In the past we have produced our shows at The Tarragon Theatre, The Berkeley Street Theatre, and The Young Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto as well as LSPU Hall in St. John’s Newfoundland and The Belfry Theatre in Victoria, BC.

How Many Shows Do You Produce Per Year?

Presently we produce only one show per year.  However, we are looking at expanding our season to bring you more productions per season.

What Is Your Performance Philosophy?

We have an inherent curiosity about and respect for the instincts and behaviours that define what it means to be human. We work to create an environment where our artists feel comfortable to challenge themselves and expand their artistry by fully embracing their instincts on stage and allowing the story to unfold differently every time they tell it. By rejecting the standard process of repeating choreographed choices, we invite our audiences to bear witness to a living, breathing reflection of themselves – an honest and real portrayal of humans, by humans. In this way, our performers and audience members share a truly “live” experience – sometimes challenging, often hard-hitting, but always intriguing, and always enlightening.

How Do I Contact An Ensemble Member?

Please direct any correspondences intended for an Ensemble Member to our Communications Manager, Janice Peters Gibson at janice@companytheatre.ca. She will do her best to ensure your message arrives safely.

How Can I Volunteer?

If you are interested in getting involved with our organization, and want to learn more, please click here.
Thank you in advance for your time, we look forward to meeting you!