We would like to thank all of our individual and corporate donors who have played a significant part in the success and development of The Company Theatre. Due to their generous support we are able to continue to bring audiences exciting, bold, and emotionally moving theatrical experiences.

Michael Barker
Carol Barney
Bruce Biles
Jane Botsford
William Broadhurst
Kevin Buckner
Ian Cairns
John Callaghan
Larry Chapman
Karen Cheah
G.W. Colbert
Kim Donaldson
Toni Fletcher
Jeffrey Friedman
Louis Gambino
Roger Garland
Janet V. Gate
Beverley Harris
Graham Hillier
Island Edge Inc.
William Karner
Barry King
Jason Knight
Kuretzky Vassos, LLP
Chethan Lakshman
Walter Lawlor
Barb Lockhart
Dawn MacDonald
Susan & Malachy Mandville
Scott McCord
Barbara & Donald McLauchlin
Tom McKee
Bruce McLean
Jeffrey Milgram
Marc Milgrom
MO Entertainment Inc.
William & Diane Mugford
Michael O’Connor
Sheila O’Neill
Nick & Loretta Pantaleo
Krystin Pellerin
Dominique Sax
Shaw Media
Barry Smith
Patricia Sorbara
Michele Spencer
Michael Stark
Steve Stavridis
Carl Steiss
Debra L. Stephens
Stovel Asset Management
Bobbi Jo Sturman
Wade Whelan
Lynda Williams
David Williamson & Judy Hamilton
Brett Wilson
Gerry & Pat Wood